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MMaker's YTPMV & 音MAD Reference Doc

This living document is a more-or-less related to YTPMV/音MAD reference doc that I’ll be continually updating. Currently there isn’t many resources specific to YTPMV/音MAD, but I expect that to change in the future.

I hope you may find it useful!

Table of Contents

Vegas → After Effects equivalents

Type Vegas AE
Effect 360° Stabilization Window → VR Comp Editor.jsx, 3D Camera Tracker
Effect Add Noise Noise
Effect AutoLooks Lumetri Color
Effect Bézier Masking Shape layers, masking
Effect Black and White Black & White
Effect Black Restore Luma Key
Effect Border Bevel Alpha, Roughen Edges, masking
Effect Brightness and Contrast Brightness & Contrast
Effect Broadcast Colors Broadcast Colors
Effect Bump Map CC Glass + comp lights
Effect Channel Blend Channel Combiner, Shift Channels
Effect Chroma Blur Keylight + Key Cleaner + Advanced Spill Suppressor
Effect Chroma Keyer Keylight, Linear Color Key
Effect Color Balance Color Balance, Selective Color, Curves, Lumetri Color, etc.
Effect Color Corrector Color Balance, Selective Color, Curves, Lumetri Color, etc.
Effect Color Grading Color Balance, Selective Color, Curves, Lumetri Color, etc.
Effect Color Match Tritone, Lumetri Color, etc. (footage dependent)
Effect Convolution Kernel Fast Box Blur, Emboss, CC Glass, Find Edges, Sharpen Edges, Sharpen, CC Kernel
Effect Cookie Cutter Shape layers, masking
Effect Crop Linear Wipe, masking
Effect Defocus Camera Lens Blur
Effect Deform CC Bender, Warp
Effect Dual Fish Eye Stitching Resources: #1, #2, #3
Effect Fill Light Tint + Brightness & Contrast + Fast Box Blur
Effect Film Effects Noise, Add Grain
Effect Film Grain Add Grain
Effect Gaussian Blur Gaussian Blur
Effect Glint Starglow (3rd-party), various effect stacks
Effect Glow Glow
Effect Gradient Map Colorama
Effect HSL Adjust Color Balance (HLS)
Effect Invert Invert
Effect LAB Adjust Resources: #1 (Also look into color management, profiles)
Effect Layer Dimensionality Drop Shadow, layer styles
Effect Lens Correction Optics Compensation, CC Lens
Effect Lens Flare Lens Flare, Optical Flares (3rd-party)
Effect Levels Levels
Effect Light Rays CC Light Burst, CC Light Rays, CC Radial Fast Blur, masking
Effect Linear Blur Fast Box Blur
Effect LUT Filter Lumetri Color
Effect Mask Generator Set Channels, Fill, masking
Effect Median Median
Effect Mesh Warp Mesh Warp
Effect Min and Max Minimax
Effect Mirror Mirror
Effect Newsprint m’s Halftone (3rd-party), BorisFX halftone (3rd-party), various custom effect/layer stacks
Effect Picture In Picture Transform
Effect Pinch/Punch Bulge
Effect Pixelate Mosaic
Effect Quick Blur Fast Box Blur
Effect Radial Blur Radial Blur, CC Radial Fast Blur
Effect Radial Pixelate Mosaic Plane (3rd-party) (not exactly the same)
Effect Rays CC Light Burst, CC Light Rays, CC Radial Fast Blur, Optical Flares (3rd-party)
Effect Saturation Adjust Curves, Levels, Color Balance, etc.
Effect Scene Rotation Polar Coordinates + Transform
Effect Sepia Tint
Effect Sharpen Sharpen
Effect Slow Motion Time remapping + frame blending, CC Wide Time, Timewarp, Twixtor (3rd-party
Effect Smart Upscale Detail-Preserving Upscale, GPUResize (3rd-party)
Effect Smart Zoom Detail-Preserving Upscale, GPUResize (3rd-party)
Effect Soft Contrast Brightness & Contrast, CC Vignette
Effect Spherize Spherize
Effect Starburst Starglow (3rd-party), various effect stacks
Effect Stereoscopic 3D Adjust Resources: #1, #2, #3
Effect Swirl Twirl
Effect Threshold CC Threshold RGB
Effect Timecode Timecode
Effect Tiny Planet Polar Coordinates + Optics Compensation
Effect TV Simulator Various effect/layer stacks, Universe VHS (3rd-party)
Effect Unsharp Mask Unsharp Mask
Effect Video Stabilization Warp Stabilizer
Effect Vignette Vignette, masking
Effect Wave Wave Warp
Effect White Balance Curves, Levels, Lumetri Color, etc.
Media Generator Checkerboard Checkerboard
Media Generator Color Gradient Gradient Ramp, Colorama, masking
Media Generator Credit Roll Text layer(s)
Media Generator Noise Texture Fractal Noise, Turbulent Noise
Media Generator Solid Color Fill, solid layer
Media Generator Test Pattern Gradient Ramp, 4-Color Gradient, Mosaic, Tint, or just download the patterns
Media Generator Titles & Text Text layer(s)
Track Motion 2D Shadow Drop Shadow
Track Motion 2D Glow Drop Shadow
Transition 3D Blinds Card Wipe
Transition 3D Cascade Card Dance
Transition 3D Fly In/Out 3D layers
Transition 3D Shuffle 3D layers
Transition Barn Door Linear Wipe, masking + Transform, animating
Transition Clock Wipe Radial Wipe
Transition Cross Effect CC Cross Blur
Transition Dissolve Animate opacity, various Channel effects
Transition Flash Levels, Tint, solid layer
Transition Gradient Wipe Gradient Wipe
Transition Iris Iris Wipe
Transition Linear Wipe Linear Wipe
Transition Page Loop CC Page Turn
Transition Page Peel CC Page Turn
Transition Page Roll CC Page Turn
Transition Portals None (would need to be made/written manually)
Transition Push Transform, animate layers
Transition Slide Transform, animate layers
Transition Spiral Transform, animate layers
Transition Split Transform, masking, animate layers
Transition Squeeze Transform, animate layers
Transition Star Wipe Shape layers, masking
Transition Swap Transform, animate layers
Transition Venetian Blinds Venetian Blinds
Transition Warp Flow Reshape
Transition Zoom Transform, animate layers

Useful AE Shortcuts

Shortcut Name
' Enable title safe markings in viewport
], [ Set layer start/end point @ playhead
` Maximize / reset size of panel
B, N Set work area
C Camera tool
Ctrl+(hold left mouse) Preview audio for 10 (?) frames
Ctrl+(scrub mouse) Preview audio
Ctrl+], Ctrl+[ Cut layer start/end point @ playhead
Ctrl+D Duplicate layer
Ctrl+Home Center layer in viewport
Ctrl+Shift+C Pre-compose layer(s)
Ctrl+Shift+D Split layer
G Pen / Feather mask tool
H Hand tool
LL Show layer’s audio waveform
Shift+' Enable grid in viewport
T, R, A, P, S Transparency (opacity), Rotation, Anchor point, Position, Scale
U Display animated properties
UU Display modified properties
V Selection tool
W (w)Rotate tool
X Scroll to selected layer in timeline
Y Pan / anchor point tool

External AE Resources

If you’re looking for more YTPMV / 音MAD resources…

Then be sure to check out this guide on REAPER, which contains links for a few more resources too!