This webpage is made for sharing things I created alongside my projects to facilitate work. Hopefully you will be able to find use in these too.

My scripts

► Screenflip V7

A revamped edition of mmaker's screenflip script. Overall it works the same way, I just added one or two new features and optimized it for more stability.

► Black frame removal

A script to get rid of black frames that could appear by error in your screenflips, the expression that does the time remapping was created by Mmaker.

AE presets

► Bezier warp wiggly distort

A simple and controllable wiggly transition preset, apply to a comp-sized adjustment layer.

► Flat shadow V1

Classic flat shadow to apply to your layer

AE project files

► Touhou 06 Reimu rig

An easy to use, auto-animated reimu sprite. Made for Muscular Wonders collab.

► Customizable Windows10 error message

Change the text to your likings to create your own error window.

► Stylised black and white text

An idea that came from a Twitter conversation with くるみん, stylised text based on the gimmick of color inverted layers.

► Gochiusa projection mapping

These are the projection mapped rooms used in my part for the second Kirara collaboration.

► Multi-Tile transition