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International Wrestling Festival

What a ride it’s been.

I originally wanted this to be a more long form post, but after reading some drafts, I think it’s simply put best as a couple notes to not dwell entirely on the past, and to continue looking to the future, to aspire to do even greater things.

I’m humbled for this past year to have participated and assist in the International Wrestling Festival, an overdue return of form for IWF.

Many things made this collaboration incredibly challenging, but it cannot be stated enough how many things also made it incredibly fun and gratifying to work on. The journey taken to complete this collaboration, like past ones I’ve worked on, is one I will never forget.

To all of those who I worked with on this collaboration: thank you. You are some of the best friends I could ask for and I am incredibly grateful for you. It is impossible for me to describe how much joy each of you have brought into my life. I hope you all continue to do amazing things in your lifetime and I will always be here to support you.

To the viewers: thank you for watching. You enthusiasm towards these videos is something that is always greatly recognized and appreciated, and I hope for as silly as these videos are they inspire you in some form.

And to Danny Resko: thank you for everything. Thank you for embracing the Wrestling Series culture and to have had such a positive influence as you’ve had. It was an honor to meet you and I wish you the best and many more 歪みねぇな years to come.